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Hi, everyone! We’re Joel and Jordyn, the owners of Puzzle Piece Party + Event Rentals! We were both born in the area and raised in Newburgh, IN. We have a 3 year old son, Myles. We strive to live life to the fullest and are all for a good time, which has led us here - into the party + event rental industry. After attending several parties and events with bounce houses over the past couple of years we decided we could start our very own venture and elevate the industry in our area by providing high quality rentals paired with exceptional customer service, consistency, and a lot of love.

We are both very detail oriented and creative minded, so you can expect your delivery to be on-time and your rental to look clean, professional, and inviting. All of our rentals are cleaned and sanitized after each use, and Puzzle Piece is a fully insured LLC.

Why 'Puzzle Piece'?

It's always fun to discover how a name came into we'll tell ya!

We have been together for over 7 years now, and from the early days we deemed ourselves to be "puzzle pieces." Pretttttty cheesy, right? ;) We think so too, but in all seriousness - our relationship has flourished on the basis of one of us possessing a strength where the other one lacks and vice-versa. So when that name got brought up, it just fit (like a puzzle piece would haha!)

Right around the same time we were considering names for our new business, our son just so happened to form a new love for solving puzzles. He received a set of four Melissa and Doug dinosaur jigsaw puzzles for Christmas, and we have put the pieces together day after day for months now! So, ultimately, our third little puzzle piece sealed the deal on the name for us with his love for puzzles.

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